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Non - Brewed Condiment

By Allan Holdsworth

This is a transcription of the head melody. I have been working on this song for years, and I've started over from scratch several times. It has been quite an Everest. I have settled on fingering it a lot like how Holdsworth fingered it, which is bizarre, but the phrasing sounds the best when I do it that way. Here is what I've come up with.


Non - Brewed Condiment

This is a tutorial for how to play the head melody for Non-Brewed Condiment. I figure that if you are trying to learn this song, you are capable of reading the tab, so I do not simply restate what the tab says. Rather, I go through it phrase by phrase and talk about what technical obstacles you might encounter, and what I do to overcome them.


Blank Guitar Neck Paper

From the Musicians Institute Players Supply Store circa 1986. A bit of nostalgia for my classmates

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