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" son has learned so much. Tim is very passionate and extremely talented. As a teacher, Tim is very patient, caring and open to requests that my son  makes. There is no better teacher...We could not be any happier."

- Kimberly A, San Diego

Tim's career includes fifteen years of private and classroom teaching experience in his private studio, as well as The Ohio State University, The Columbus Music Center, Lang Music, and Coyle Music.


He brings to bear practical, real-world experience as a professional musician, as well as a diverse set of approaches and ideas from his formal education at Berklee College of Music, Musicians Institute, The Ohio State University, and San Diego State University.

Tim is a uniquely valuable resource in the areas of college audition preparation, technique, improvisation, and academics, as well as Jazz, Rock, and Blues styles.

Proficient in those, and versed in a wide variety of other musical styles, he welcomes students at all levels. 

"Tim is a patient teacher who connects with people not only on a musical level but also a personal one, and is attuned to each person's learning style." 

- Monica S, Dublin, OH

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